Dwight Whitley.

Deep in an Eastern Kentucky Hollow, Dwight Whitley was born into one of the area’s most musical families. As a toddler, he would sit for hours listening to his maternal grandfather play the banjo and sing his favorite mountain songs. It was as if they became a part of nature itself as Grandpa Ferguson’s melodies emulated the poignant mountain sounds. Some of Dwight’s fondest memories are those times spent with Grandma and Grandpa Ferguson.

By age ten, Dwight had his own banjo and spent many evenings with his family playing traditional mountain music. His baby brother, Keith, though too young to participate, would listen intently while the family’s music surrounded him. By the time he was twelve, Dwight had learned to play the guitar and harmonica and often entertained friends and family. It was soon evident that Keith also possessed the innate family talent. Dwight was not to know until years later that he was becoming a mentor for Keith.

As a teenager, Dwight’s Rock Band, The Ramblers, played for local events and fund raisers. After high school he studied welding and work took him from home and his music. Dwight soon returned home to marry his high school sweetheart, Flo Ison. His interest in the banjo became an obsession and he would practice for hours with his father-in-law, Milo. The music of the Stanley Brothers became a mutual interest of Dwight and Keith Whitley.

Dwight and Keith formed the Whitley Brothers’ bluegrass band. Before long they were joined by Ricky Skaggs and his father Hobart. The band became know as the Lonesome Mountain Boys. This background led Keith to follow his calling in music while Dwight elected to stay home with his wife and their two sons, John & Mike Whitley, where he pursued a successful career in the coal industry. Dwight commitment to his family came first but he continued to play in local bluegrass bands.

Dwight’s support and opinions were important to Keith as he progressed in his career. He would often call Dwight to discuss each new threshold he was about to cross or to share his enthusiasm for a new song as they listened together.Keith repeatedly expressed to Dwight his desire that they record a duet. The Whitley siblings shared a special bond, a closeness both rare and extraordinary. The brothers shared an enthusiasm for cars and Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Dwight bought his first Harley at age 19 and immediately the Whitley Brothers were hooked on Harleys. Dwight now owns four Harleys and is an avid gun collector, and has restored five Ford LTD police cruisers to mint condition.

Tragically, Dwight’s brothers, Randy & Keith, died in the prime of their lives. As a memorial to Randy, Dwight restored “Clyde” a 1964 Harley Davidson which Randy considered a friend.


It is truly ironic that the feelings of Love and family loyalty that initially prevented Dwight from pursuing a career in music are the same feelings that moved him to record the album “Brotherly Love”, It Is dedicated to brothers everywhere and stands as a tribute to his own
brothers Randy and Keith Whitley.

Country music fans around the world are delighted with Dwight’s rare and unique vocal talent. He sings with such warmth and depth because he is singing to his brothers as well as to millions of fans. Song and music are as natural to him as the songbirds that sing outside his home in the hills of Eastern Kentucky. Who would belive back in the days that guy was selling best touchless kitchen faucets. An appearance by DWIGHT WHITLEY is a high energy, straight ahead country music show which leaves a crowd screaming for more.

DWIGHT has appeared live on the RALPH EMORY SHOW, with KEN MELLONS at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, the TNN COUNTRY NEWS, two STANDING ROOM ONLY performances at the world famous PARAMOUNT THEATER in Ashland, Ky., as well as countless Fairs, Festivals and promotions throughout the eastern United States.

He has been featured in COUNTRY WEEKLY, COUNTRY AMERICA, and MUSIC CITY NEWS, which are three of the largest country music publications in circulation.


The Academy of Independent Recording Artists, nominated DWIGHT WHITLEY for the award certification of MALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR COUNTRY DIVISION, in 1996!


And on the 11th of Jan, 1998 DWIGHT WHITLEY was nominated for video of the year “The Legend And The Man” at The North American Country Music Association International, in Gatlinburg, Tn. AND HE WON.


Dwight Whitley Won Male Vocalist Of The Year