Nothin’ But A Woman


Here are what a few people have said about the new CD…
Nothin’ But A Woman

Eddie Bear
Host: ETC-Country Show

“Thought you’d like to know that response has been overwhelming on last week’s ETC-Country spotlight of Dwight Whitley…
So much in fact that we are running a “Part Two”…featuring 3 more songs and more interview clips this week.
If response to my show is sign of things to come, I think we’ve got a hit album on our hands.”

Thanks and take care,
Eddie Bear

“jim, am enjoying the new album at every opportunity – it is a great way to pass long air journies-it is as
good as if not better than”

Song Titles:

  1. Nothin’ But A Woman
  2. Going To The House
  3. All Aboard
  4. Have Mercy
  5. I Love You A 1’000 Ways
  6. Make It A Double
  7. Burnin’ Deck
  8. I Sure Know How To Lie
  9. Flat Natural Born Good-Timin’ Man
  10. Turn This Thing Around
  11. This Weary Heart You Stole


Brotherly Love


Dwight’s first album release dedicated to his late brothers, Keith and Randy Whitley.


“Working on this album was an enjoyable experience for me, and I’ve learned things about Keith that I never knew before. Many nights I would be up late with my guitar learning the songs Keith had written, and as I would read the lyrics, it was like getting a letter from Keith. I was looking into a part of his life that I had never known before, and I could really feel his presence.

Many times in the studio, with my good friend and Producer/Engineer, Gene Waggoner, we had unexplainable things happen that made us know for sure that Keith was with us, and I truly believe that Keith wanted me to do this album.

At my concerts, I’ve had people come to me with tears in their eyes thanking me for what I’m doing for Keith and them, and then I realized why Keith chose a career in Country Music. Although the emotional strain for me has been tremendous, it has also been very rewarding and I’m glad the NEON Records had enough faith in me to do this project, and I have truly enjoyed working with them.

Keith left us much too soon and didn’t get to finish what he started. No one can ever replace Keith, and I’m certainly not trying to. I’m just doing some of his favorite songs for his fans because he can’t now.

This album is actually a tribute to both my brothers, Randy and Keith, and we have included a little something special for them both. My brothers and I have been motorcycle enthusiasts all our lives, so at the beginning and end of this album you will hear my old 1953 Harley. This old bike has been in my family for many years, and Keith is seen riding it in his music video, ‘It Ain’t Nothin'”.
“Brotherly Love” is Dwight’s tribute to his Keith’s music and contains songs written by Keith that were never released. Two singles from the album have been released; ” I Want My Rib Back” and The Legend And The Man” which also has a video.

Song Titles:

  1. The Legend And The Man
  2. Lord, It Sure Is Drunk Out Tonight
  3. Brotherly Love
  4. Nobody Like Yours
  5. I’m No Stranger To The Rain
  6. My Old Friend
  7. Don”t Take Candy From Strangers
  8. I Want My Rib Back
  9. I’m Over You
  10. Honky Tonk Crazy
  11. Between An Old Memory And Me